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why should you visit nepal once in your lifetime

why should you visit nepal once in your lifetime

why should you visit nepal once in your lifetime because there is various kind of place and peaceful environment happen to see? There is a lot of people will finding in different place of Nepal. Once you can visit Nepal in your life you never miss the moment if ever you forgot into your life. You can see the landscape and culture festival In the tropical southern region with its low elevation and humid climate, there is an abundance of forest reserves, which is the perfect destination for wildlife tourism.

Nepal is a country that holds countless tourist attractions and unique travel experiences waiting to welcome tourists from around the globe. Travelers whose interests lie in other activities apart from walking and trekking. There is various Himalayas mountain and peak to travel. As the tourists want to need to excited the up Himalaya side to enjoy their trekking and refresh with the different location people of lifestyle features to finding out there.

Visit Nepal 2021 in lifetime
1. Nepal Landscape is very much high to see in the hills area.
2. Different places of part were camp and trekking area.
3. Major part of Himalaya region.
4. Over thousand of lake and wildlife conservation area
5. Dangerous road and difficult to stay alive peaceful.
6. More than thousands of temple were in a different place in Nepal
7. You can enjoy snowfall in different seasons.
8. Nepal has over 80 ethnic groups and 124 languages.

Welcome to our country, Nepal. What we have said is that our country has come a long way and the world forum has come a long way. You must have wondered how much I love my country. We get lost in the country of others but we have to understand. People who are doing corona now have no income while people in other parts of the country have a lot of income.

Because Nepal has nature has beauty I. the world. World’s people have visited once in Nepal lifetime because they have learned something new into their life. They have take fishing and travel with different location area which you can ever see this type of lifestyle which the government will be forcus to welcome the tourists. As explained to our Pokhara we have different places of temples and lakes and cafes also happen to see there. Even they have paragliding from the place of Sarang Kot.

Still, Nepal has grown the level of service and facilities for those national and international people who held to visit anywhere place they didn’t get any problem in travel. We have different caste-like Gurung, Magar, bromines, Tamang, b. k and many more caste of different society people will be live in Nepal. Himalaya side people have celebrated a Buddhist and as hills side, they have celebrated a different festival.

Some people will note the place name of Nepal which they have once a lifetime to visit Nepal 2021 once a year. They have made a plan and discuss with to manager their own holiday weekend to travel to Nepal. At different festivals, the people will be workshop Puja in the temple. We all Nepali needs help from other people even as we have respected our foreign people to welcome our country.


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