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Shakti-Govinda Special episode on Indian Idol

Shakti-Govinda Special episode on Indian Idol

Shakti-Govinda Special episode on Indian Idol on season 12 in this weekend of Saturday night. They are joining this show to invite from Indian idol stage to join fun and entertainment overt with contentants over them. Even the Bharti and Haresh will also be join this Indian idol today. When I look to watch this on sony television at Indian time 8 pm. They have trying to fun with got amazing talent of contestants will findings there.

Even they have to remember the acident past life which they have did on film industry with same working on 46 years both of them. Even govinda teach some of memory step to Shakti kapoor towards his film industry. Even the Shakti kapoor will also mention some point out govinda to share on live. This episode will be fully entertaining episode weekend to mention it.

Even the Shakti kapoor will also phone call to his own daughters shadra kapoor to telling her new film that your mother’s favorite singer who become fans of her while singing in stages of Indian idol. Even she also be share this one while on phones call with father on live. Even she also be said all the best will tell them. Even the shakti kapoor promise his daughter new film to sings with her original voice to sings. Govinda also be shocked while see near people dance infornt of him on stages.

There is a lot of memories will be included while singing a song of different film songs of both of them. Some of few contestant will be fan of govinda. Even some of contestant will mention his style looks into the eyes. He also be sharing this live on stage of people there. Other people can’t able to do this one. Some of film songs govinda also write own songs then the singer will singing a songs.

All of contestants will be happy to see this. They also be make try to know them. Some of entertainment act will be showing on it. Some parts of funny moment will be included by shakti kapoor. Under this weekend they have to enjoy this. Have you watch this episode under February 27, 2021 on Saturday weekend.

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