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I got Tonsils Pain into my Health

I got Tonsils Pain into my Health

I got Tonsils Pain into my Health because since last Monday evening I move on the ride of a scooter with warm clothes. Then I take a rest own bedroom to feel relax over there. Then I take some rest with the fever to take it. Even I try to for 1days still it will be fine there. Then I cannot wait anymore while doing this pain into my body. Yesterday evening time I take medicine with the help of a doctor in Bagar in Kafle Medical Hall.

When the person tries to see the with the neck of with the touch light you have got tonsils to need to drink hot water yourself. Take care of yourself on it. Then I took medicine from there. Even I come back own home there. Even I take medicine there at home. Need to feel relax over there. Then I come back own bedroom to asleep there. In the evening time, I take again the medicine for me. At the night time, I sleep well fine. No need for much more pain last Monday night.

Slowly I got to take fine myself on it. No finer on it. Then I again medicine while I eat some biscuit then I take medicine. During this winter season during this Poush month, I got their fever, headache, tonsils happen to enter it. Even I take warm clothes on it. So that why I cannot make any more with this one. I am trying to make myself care about health. I spend money with Rs 1100 to take a medicine price to bring it. The doctor will also ask me shall you got a fever at night or not.

When you got any pain you need takes a homemade medicine then you go to the final doctor to bring it. Some of the tip finding on youtube for this one. But sometimes we need to go to the doctor to take medicine with them. Slowly I drive a scooter while feels uncomfortable my pain to move on it. Yesterday I take medicine with a doctor. I feel too much relax and warm into my body feels back on the normal way. Even I haven’t take cold water while drinking it. While taking dinner time I take a little cold water.

So that why I cannot anymore with under this post to mention for you here. Slowly I will be share for your their. Then I take to make more fine as normal. Take medicine on time. Need to eat much more. Make sure I will be updated for you here. Keep sharing with me there.

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