My Saturday blog Story Part 37

My Saturday blog Story Part 37

My Saturday blog Story Part 37 is to wake up early at near 6:30 am I wake up from my own bedroom. Then I wash my face over into the kitchen room then I take hot water and I take some tea over with the Biscuit. Then I come back own room to clear the clothes there. Then I going own toilet for a long there. Then I take back my own room there. Even I have checked into the mobile device for youtube and message of friends those who are trying to share it. Then I go down the floor there then my sister was cooked on firewood there. Then I stay over there. Even the sister and mother will be talking about the land buy between us. 

Then sister was cooked on firewood there. Then I come waiting for the sun up the floor of the house there. Then winds will be flowing air there. Then I stay over there. Then I thought there. One person will fight against the dirty collect with a hand there. Then we have seen there then I take over their. They are fighting with each other. Then I see them over there. Then the sun will come to the floor there. Then we stay over there on Sun. 

Were sitting in the sun. And we had Mom go for our food. And mom came too and we ate and after we ate we were basking in the sun above. And the sun was shining brightly. And when the sun was shining, it was very boring. But sitting in the sun is also fun. And I didn’t go anywhere today. And Didi had told him that he was going to lose some land, but the man had not relocated. And after the move, there was recidivism. And yesterday we went to another place to see the land, the man also walked me again. And I have also given the full answer.

Now it’s about my sister’s hand. I don’t know where to take it. Now it seems that sister Panivak is also there. And I didn’t even get up on it. And while talking, they were bored. We are always awake to do this, but we are just shouting and not doing anything else. But we have done it. But Didi was reluctant to buy such a thing. Pervious my Saturday blog story part 36 will happen to see it.


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