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Good Morning From Birata Kriti

Good Morning From Birata Kriti

Good Morning From Birata Kriti today moving under this place in the morning time there. Since yesterday we have reached it out this place to moving on working with that place there. We need two times will be moving on there. There is surrounded by hills and forest areas with big hills area will be seen from the morning view over that place there. Since moring time there is foggy weather will happen to see it there. Another see clear a perfect shot an image over that place another part it seems much foggier will see it. 

It was a lot of fun to get to that place in the morning, but it’s also fun to walk around in a place like this. Everyone thinks the same thing. People don’t get to go because of their work. People don’t even think about what it is. People get it. It was cold in the morning but not very cold. And I lost that too. People do their job.

We went to work in that place. And after work, we had to go to that place in the morning. This is what I saw this morning. And you had seen such weather in such a place. After reaching that place, I was thinking that I would also do Share on my blog. And I am also supporting you. I was also teasing you.

There were many houses in that place. People thought it was bad, but people stay at home and do their own thing. And there is always plenty of water in that place. That made me happy too. It is also easy to take everyone to a place where there is plenty of water.

Anyway, it was fun in the morning. I was at another point after I went to that place. And after coming to Pokhara, I had another issue. And you must have gone to this place. It’s a good place to hang out. And in a good place, it is easy.

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