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Heavy rain parts of Gandaki Zone

Heavy rain parts of Gandaki Zone

Heavy rain parts of Gandaki Zone since yesterday it will continue rainfall into the pokhara place of nepal. There is since two days ago there no rainfall over happens to see there. Then this two days it will continue rainfall over our place but right now it will be raining starting into our place. Our zone there is plenty of rainfall happen to see it there. Since yesterday I haven’t image this rainfall what rainfall will be falling into our place.

It was raining so hard in our place today that you wouldn’t even think about it. Maybe a lot of people remember it. It will rain a lot this year. I don’t feel like going anywhere after the rain. And speaking of others, I have not gone well. I went out yesterday, but after going out, when I return home, it is very difficult. You can see that it has rained so much in our country. Right now  is in our place.

According to the Flood Forecast Division, the flow of water in most of the rivers of the country is likely to increase from Tuesday night to the 10th of this month. It is going to rain for many days now. I also took it in the naves. Because of this water, everyone’s work is stopped. Others are very jealous.

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