Finally Complete to Bring Cute Piece Stone With Scotor

Finally Complete to Bring Cut Piece Stone With Scotor

Finally Complete to Bring Cut Piece Stone With Scotor that is the 4 time I bring this stone with the help of Scotor ride from the Pokhara to Arba place of the new house which makes it design with cute piece stone into a new house. There is a minimum amount that will be loose on petrol with my Scotor to move over there.  Only 355 pieces of cut stone to complete there. But the road is fine for going to move to that place there.

Only the new house part there destroy of land were unable to move there with land muddy land over there. Slow I can be driven with that place over there. I call the person who brings this moves to a home to help their hand. Firstly two 2times that person will do it. The second time another person of worker will bring a moving road to a new house there.

Now I’m also happy to bring this cut piece of stone for a new house with my scotor there. Even vehicles they have to take a charge with their own money to move that place. But there is high amount of money we can give the drivers. Even I ask more and more that person shall this stone will be complete a whole part over there. He said it will be complete for this stone.

Black and White color design will see in my new house in Arba place. This the evening time I take shot with image form own mobile which one person will be taken this photo of me with that cut piece bring. Hope it will be looks nice and beautiful one seen over that wall of cut piece stone over there.



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