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Two Days Continue Rainfall on Pokhara

Two Days Continue Rainfall on Pokhara

Two Days Continue Rainfall on Pokhara since yesterday and today will continue rainfall over into our place of Pokhara? This Shrawan month will be started it already then I will continue becomes rainfall over into our place of Pokhara. We have listened to it out the news of landslides into the different places of Nepal. It will continue the rainfall over into the outside right now at 8:31 pm at Nepali time which I mention it share with you here.

You don’t want to go anywhere when it is raining and you have to go for your work even when it is raining. You also have to go to work. Now in the days to come, we will have to work on water. This is what water is trying to do today. Yesterday and today the day was full of rain. And what are your days like yesterday and today? In my day I went to such a market. And the water that seeps from the market to another place.

Today I also went to Lamachaur. It was a small job and he was going to meet your people in the Current with the same things. And after meeting and I went to a bank that had to load the money in the service that was not in the bank. And then I had a water sim on the way home. And when I came home, it was raining and the water was getting bigger.

I haven’t seen the face of the sun for two days today. What has happened due to the water may have happened in other places as well as in the village house. I think it is yes even after hearing it, but when I hear it, it is different. Here is the fear of Corona and here is the fear of landslides. There is an opinion that the unit will be crowded after the peak.

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