Heavy Rainfall in Arba Vijaya Today

Heavy Rainfall in Arba Vijaya Today

Heavy Rainfall in Arba Vijaya Today at 7pm at Nepali time there is mask moment of air winds to flowing the rainfall into there that place. There is a lot of people were doing working in the new house. People still some work will remain on it there. I just capture some image from own mobile device today I feel much colder myself on it. Rest of people were staying at the home side to more on it.

During at 7pm their rainfall in the over the next village, side to see a white fog rainfall will react on there. It will become into our place of  Arba Vijaya today. I never this rainfall over it outside which the people were lives on there. There is no stop the rainfall over the outside people will become into the room of the store room.

For a while, she was sitting upstairs in the store and I also had a shower. And for a while there was a holiday, they were sitting, there was no water, and for a while the bird was big. I thought that such water would have a big impact, but I also wrote in my Facebook book. And it must have been in your place at that time. The same is true of the hailstorm. And we were homeless.

Even today the water had to go. And because of father, I have also come home. And when I came home, it was very cold. After all, we would have gone home on time, but the water was not ripe. Rati has also come home in the evening. And the scooter is also lightly driven down. I didn’t know it would happen and your house was flooded today.

Why is it close to the mountain? And father did it too. And we had to do another thing. But because of that, we have to listen to someone. But you also have to go because of your cracks. Today was not just The in my opinion. But in the end, he had to come home

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