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Today I Visit Lamachaur with Work

Today I Visit Lamachaur with Work

Today I Visit Lamachaur with Work during this lockdown we going to move from Simpani to Lamachaur place since at moring time at 7am. It is urgent for going from my Scooter at moring which we discuss from we goest that place. Unfortunate we are unable to go that on yesterday evening time. At the morning time, we have arrived that place.

We cross from there is a check of police were stay on bridge area side. H asks with where from you coming from he said like that much we are coming from Simpani place to move forward to Lamachaur place for working with there. Then he said you maybe go it and move forward it. We move forward to that place for going on it.

Near the main chowk of Lamachaur place, there is seen on police arrived over there. There is a lot of people were Romain on it there. Some of them were going for their work to stay on the market side. We enter the Baniya rice mill on Lamachaur place which there is problem on hussar machinery.

We open the machinery for working on it there. They’re one of worker we stay on there. There is no eletricity under that place which light came and light will go down. Then I call to NEA office phone call via from phone. Then they replied it will become within 30 minutes we are working on it. Few minutes it will become on light further checking that machinery.

After we check it out that current line with part of the start button. We fixed it that line as current situation on it. Then we go move forward market to bring a some machinery part then again police ask a question again on there. We enter on Pokhara and move forwards at the same place. All things were fine a normal condition it will be works fine it. That much working for Lamachaur place Today.


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