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My Saturday blog Story Part 15

My Saturday blog Story Part 15

My Saturday blog Story Part 15 I woke up early yesterday and I went to the bird kitchen room and I opened my mouth and in a moment I had tea and also water. And for a while, the bird went to its room. I also went downstairs and my mother had washed the lentils. And at 10 o’clock I ate my food and in a moment I brushed my teeth.

Prior to that, he had been talking to his brother, Youtube Live Live Stream, and was chatting with his brother. And it was fun. I had done it yesterday morning. I have been shouting for balance since morning. And I didn’t get it. And the birds were leaping towards Youtube.

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. And during the day, I also showed a video on Mobile and edited it. And I was just watching. And what are you doing? And you may have followed Lockdown. Bell was talking about the same balance with the bird, but I didn’t want to put it together. And yesterday Bire Mama was taken to the hospital and that is what happened.

The bird had gone to my mother Bire Mama’s house when it was decided that Bire Mama had taken her to the hospital. And the daughters were also scared to go even when they were in the middle. And I also went to see what happened to the bird when the water stopped. And the people here have also come. My mother was sad.

The brother had washed the vegetables. And the evening’s time was up. And it was raining, and it was raining, and it was raining, and I was eating, and I was on YouTube. Then I also slept. This is my blogging story from yesterday’s friends.

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