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How we can post into own Facebook Page

How we can post into own Facebook Page

How we can post into own Facebook Page you need your Account of Facebook which you can be login into your Username and Password. Then you can see a dashboard of your Facebook. Then you can scroll to see on the right sidebar of your Facebook Page which the option between chat option from Computer or Laptop which I teach for you.

Step 1

You must click under the page side which you can find it out to open it there. After then you can see a box which you can create a new post to share information with text, photo and video share to your page. Then you can copy and paste of Url link of your website under your Facebook Page.

Step 2

You must be the type to upload photo, video and text which you can many tools which you see a location, feels and many more tools were seen under while you can create a post into your Facebook page. Simple step only to follow it up under it there.

If you have your own Facebook, you can post it on your own page. And when you post, you have a lot of options. And you can also post on your page. This is something that everyone should look at. We also have to teach the new generation. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. We also need to learn for Tesco.

If you have posted and your post is in Publish, others have also seen it and written it down and you have also written it. You have to be heartfelt. You have to think. The best thing is to do your best. Don’t do air posts. It has to be done with consideration.

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