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Yesterday I visit Post Office of Pokhara

Yesterday I visit Post Office of Pokhara

Yesterday I visit Post Office of Pokhara at evening time which i ask to call to office for details on it. Just i try to ask to her saying details on it. There is free those who have to see check it out your self on it. This is the main office of pokhara which comes from international letter also too. We needs a postal code number to send it their.

It esaily send it there that mention location to share it. At evening at 3pm i went to going it their. I just go room number 8 office she was there to know it. I ask to her i have needs a google adsense letter from America they have sent it. She give me all google my business and google adsense letter to check it out yourself.

Some of people of letter find on valley of pokhara who lives in. It near place of lakeside which people will know it well for it. Some of the people make to come there. They haven’t find a letter on it while search a name on it. I talk with her while check it out google adsense letter to find it. One part i shaper adsense and google business letter.

Some people were mixed it there on same way to find it out. But some of people have confused which one is finding it your name on it. Still alot of part while i have see it there. But she will be open it today. I give details to her my name and mention to her on it. She will be find it out checking on it. If she will be forget then i will be call back to her.

Hope so my letter inside on that box which she haven’t open it there. Alot of people worrier to find it out such a letter to find it out on it. I hope she will be got to find it there. As international peope will esaily send it those letter to verify it received mention address to check it out.

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