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Today at Chitwan Workshop Now

Today at Chitwan Workshop Now at 11:40am with some work happen to slove into this workshop when we have to go to pame lakeside in the morning time. After we have a launch time at 10am. We have eaten a launch at that time which has to move forward to Pokhara. Right now we have on Chitwan workshop. On part to the hunter to fixed into their workshop.

Since moring we have work on pame with making a hunter gear to open one of part rate cannot open. Many more problems happen to go back to own Pokhara to open this. One of the females was run the rice mill due to her husband were dead a few years ago. While somebody make it. It’s difficult to solve. We have to try it there. But unable to open it.

After a take 30minutes for going to Pokhara with my scooter to go there. While going to ride a bike or scooter on offroad its very much dusty winds outside part of the body with clothes to enter there. Very much difficult to ride a scooter on it. We take more time to stay here. Chitwan’s workshop was doing good for cannot come again on it. Since the previous blog, I have only details to info to share to promote it.

There is machinery to input inside to make a hole of the part to make it more on it. We are waiting for it. To solve it there. Since the previous day, we have to visit it there now also some problems to slove on it. We needs to wait for it. He will make it slove it. Above of photo, one of the men was working on it nicely. His name is Sudeep Chaudhary. He is doing work well and a strong man to work.

Once you can visit this workshop. This inside of the main road of the new road of Pokhara. Since the long year, it established on it. You must be visiting this workshop. Make sure you will be visiting it there. Try to comment it below lets me know it. Just right now I am there.

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