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Heavy Rock Stone River in Tanahu

Heavy Rock Stone River in Tanahu

Heavy Rock Stone River in Tanahu while I travel time to going that place in the morning time. I cross carpenter pool to cross with pass difficult to cross that pool which only bike and scooter were going to cross from that pool in Tanahu while going to lilachowk. I haven’t seen this heavy rock stone inside to pass the water of the river inside the hole of heavy stone to flow there.

It was also a very frightening pool to look at and it is easy for people to enjoy. There is a wooden pool. In between, there were even pools and easy scooters. I was also scared for a while. And I’ve also done a little video chat. I will share the link. You probably see that. I had seen that fava pond on the bottom, also towards the plant. Such was the most interesting stove I saw in Devil’s Fall.

It may be difficult to find people if they are found in  Bomuro. The look was Darna. I had a small photoshoot. The name of that place doesn’t layer well with me either. Cross the bridge to go to Lilachowk. I was also wondering if today’s blog should post so that people have the opinion to be mournful. It is better ripened below the pool than the other ones in the pool below.

There was a man who had crossed the pool and in the middle of the promise was the same. Crossed the cross and went cross again. I was also shocked that people were scared to be in such a pool. But that pool has to be rebuilt, not by people but to wash it. Something to do for them. People are looking for a quick way out. It will go down Dulegauda on its way to the River Side.

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