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Visiting Today Ghatechina Kaski

Visiting Today Ghatechina Kaski

Visiting Today Ghatechina Kaski which I went to in the afternoon time. After we take a launch dinner at home. It happens to plan to go it that place to moving that place for visiting it there. After a long time, I go to that place in the afternoon time. Nowadays it comes a summer season on today. On the day we cannot stay in the sun.

There we under maintenance road construction area happen to see it there. There is big-budget in that location place. Upcoming day the road will fine to see it there. There is a lot of people were working in the field. JCB dujar haven working on the riverside. There is no much water happen it see it.

One person has own problem in the machinery part to check up on time. I and my father I were going to that place on a rice mill. To check up then I take some photos over that place of the pool near finding to see it. There is also a tourist area in which they can be travel there.

My father was checking a disk mill to put gill into machinery inside which he has open it outside part to put it there. He makes to talk that person over it there. I make to help with them also too. He was happy to see it thereafter he tells a problem of machinery on there with my father.

We shit on there for a few minutes on there. We have to take a rest into his home. We drink milk over into his house who person going that place. There is the nearest place of the home there. This the main reason of which I travel into this place today. I like the travel blog story to update you here.

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