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Thulachour place to visiting in Kaski

Thulachour place to visiting in Kaski

Thulachour place to visiting in Kaski after we had a launch time from home. We have destination over that place to move on our own scooter ride over it there. Their road was difficult to go it there. Road little bit improve then pervious year wise to see it. Thulachour is a place of people in which they have cultivated their land for the agriculture field is there. It seems looks like a village area.

When we reach that place to see that owner of rice mill person for formal to talk with her for details for clear it. When my father checking all rice mills to maintenance over there. One person who lives in ghatechina places he told please mister tries to solve this problem of machinery part which you can change it.

The woman her husband was already died in past year ago but I don’t know her husband died it there. She did run this rice mill. People of that location have easily to going it there for better service from this rice mill. The Gurung person tells to my father please make to fix this problem to check it once. As she will be all part of the machinery to paid it then my father will work it.

After we tell a rate of the part to fixed into machinery as a good condition on it. Otherwise, it will affect the whole body part of the problem happen to see it there. She tells to us I will be paid it money you can bring those machinery part to make a good condition into my rice mill.

After we have made it discuss under this problem we have to make it upcoming Sunday morning we can come into your home. This place I have visiting it today. Such tells about a reason to going it there. This is good to share with you here. The nearest place of pame of the lakeside of Pokhara. This also a tourist place in Nepal.

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