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My Saturday blog Story Part 5

My Saturday blog Story Part 5

My Saturday blog Story Part 5 which I wake up at 7 am in the morning time from my own bedroom. After wake up from the bedroom I’m going to own the kitchen room to wash a face over it there. Then I take a cup of hot water over there then I take a cup of tea. Then I come back own room for sitting there. My father tells me to wake up now.

Before I wake up from own bedroom then I try to create a new post on my website to share one post to all people on it. Daily morning time I have to do this. After then my father calls to somebody for going to his workplace on it. After calling them he leaves his from the city place of the new road today moring time. We have to go on towards the vegetable market on chiplaydauga.

On arriving in The Tarkali Bazaar, there is an opinion of thirteen people, and Polchichi also came and I was lost for a while. And so I had to take a hat and go to the shop and I took it. And Baba Bodhi Bodhi in the place I said I ate the house and I turned the dog over. I gave it a while. That is when I had dinner.

Mommy gave me dinner and I ate and went to the terrace above the test bird while watching the video on Youtube, and it was day to day. And in the meantime, the sun went down well into my room and I was asleep and while I was watching my farewell, Baba distracted me. And I didn’t sleep.

Having lunch on the side of the vine I lost the Himalayan rodeos in Vidio. What a fun show I am and I lost it. And you might want to look at it. This has happened to you today. My blog story is like this. And you might think so.




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