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Today Workplace on Sitaldevi Pokhara

Today Workplace on Sitaldevi Pokhara at 8 a.m at Moring Time goes their. Just only change a part of machinery which he tell to my father more days ago. But today we got to success to fixed to change that part over with there. There is one rice mill over it many year ago it were establish on it.

Near a  temple side area that rice will be seen it after you goes to enter a house over it their. They have give to your better service to you. If you demand of type of rice item were finding it there. There is some work happen to change to machinery part over it their.

Today he has gone to the mill. The wound is healed by an Indian company. It is difficult to heal a duga, it is not possible to heal the duga so only the person who knows everything will do so otherwise the nobody will not be feet it.

This morning I went to work. Previously, we had opened the wound and placed it in a place called Nut Nyerere. And the man who bought the duga before had bought it. And all the while the man went out to pick a nut.

The next time my dad went to visit me again for a while I also had photos of share on Facebook. I was donating money on mobile but I did not know the money. Dad came and started working.

In the photos I have given, I have taken step by step instructions for taking the test first and doing the test. You see friends in the photo.

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