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Congratulations to our Men's Football team Nepal

Congratulations to our Men’s Football team Nepal

Congratulations to our Men’s Football team Nepal since yesterday final day of south asian game 2019 held on nepal. Yesterday were match of bhutan and nepal teams of male football. Last day of south asian game held on nepal. Bhutan 1-2 Nepal got win a match. Even we are proud to be nepali teams will be see this. Hope nepali football teams will be upcoming world wide play game with different on campaign game in world. SAG 2019 could not have had a better ending. Congratulations to our Men’s Football team for securing Gold for the 2nd time. Also, to everyone who represented Nepal in SAG 2019, thank you for making Nepalese proud. Hope it very happy to see this even i haven’t look it game shows on live on any social media side which time were run it out. Final day nepali player were work to reach a 2nd time to win a gold on this game. Whole nepal were celebrate that moment while nepali teams were win a football men match on it there. Home ground were good to many people were support our country it real one. Nepali football will be make a proud to all whole country in the world to seen this match show on it. This year nepali player will win many more price on south asian game 2019.

People were happy to see it. Next upcoming nepali player were friendship game other country to player own ground over it there. It will be strong player will be come it. Make nepali power to show a game in world. While teams of nepal will be happy on it. If they can work hard on game it will be success on it. Once again congratulations to our men’s football teams nepal again.

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