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My Dreams Going To Lomanthang

My Dreams Going To Lomanthang

My dreams going to lomanthang to visit it there with my own fullfilled dreams on it there. Lomanthang is a rural municipality situated in Mustang District of Gandaki Province of Nepal. It is located at the northern end of the district, sandwiched between Tibet Autonomous Region of China in north and Dalome rural municipality of Mustang District in south. You can seen a china board with there. There is big a mountain range finding over it there. Over of sandy slop will you seen it there. But all peoople love goest to lomanthang to visit with beauty of nature and culture also too. Hope upcoming feature i will be sure visit that place on it. This is upper mustang which people were category to move on there. For bike ride were goes that place to visit upto china board over there. But i just going on low mustang upto muktinath temple only. My dreams going to lomanthang with my scotor or bike on that time wait and till your dreams will be successfully on it. I already make it plan were road were too much good condition then i will started journey from home to there.

I will make sure  it will be upload on my youtube while travel period of time over what happen what i eat it there. What type of people were live on it there. There is cold season area of people. Less number of people of population over it there. But we goes that place were unable breathe well for because you going on high atitudes range of himalaya area. There is no seen every green forest it there. Just finding a chiyagra over hill. Big sandy hill and heavy rocky you can finding it there. If the road will be clear from beni upto lomanthang then you will definatly visit that place for spend a week over it there. I already announce  on it here. But nowadays the road condition isn’t good for going on bike or scotor. Upper mustang you can seen little forest area ever green seen it there. The road were too much difficult on it while you going that this time.

Hope my dreams will come it true and fullfilled to up coming future plan to go there. Many people were also plan to going it there.

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