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Today Moring At Mama House

Today Moring At Mama House

Today Moring At Mama House with my father were going it there. Moring times it will be perfect and clear to see house around to see it there. Another work happen on there mama house. Mama house also rice mill to people give services to all people over also too. Even one of business market of over relative with daily life material to people will be bring it them there. Mama always love his bhanja allot it. Just i will explain why i’m going on that place with same place to explain it there. There is various type of people around to seen it there. But i’ really happy goes that place again type a new blog create into my website to clear explain to user to well know on it. There is a problem on disk mill which needs to change a bayaeren over it there. It take a lot of time near 3hours it perparation on it there. When Mama got home this morning, I rang the phone and a brother was on the way. My dad took it and it took a while and he had problems with it. I also have to blog on this blog and I have a couple of other fields to share with you. There is a lot of cold in Skotar while using it is quite cold. And then lightly, you took a moment to sit for a while. And if the party work is Finnish, then the party mahiju will eat. No we are going home. Daddy said and we are sitting for a while.

If you are showing a light morning photo of the people of There, how is it that you have said Paula and the people of The are also allowed to turn around and pokhara from them. It is fun to go to There’s place and take you. One day I also blog about a small blog and you know that I have gone to work and you have to work on that and you have done the same.

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