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An update to Facebook's Disaster Assistance feature

An update to Facebook’s Disaster Assistance feature

An update to facebook’s disaster assistance feature to compare another side of network to harm it. Even facebook is good for used who want  to know news from own location happen on facebook side.Network Facebook has expanded its Crisis Response and Disaster Reporting and Communications feature. Today, the company has announced new features including WhatsApp integration, sharing fresh information from affected people and expanding its ‘Data for Good’ tool as a transfer and restoration map.In addition, Facebook’s Crisis Response will now work on WhatsApp. However, not all Crisis Response features will be available on WhatsApp.The company is also improving its disaster map in consultation with experts on the transfer. Now the companies will run, maybe even Sayed Compare and many people in Facebrook have also taken care of some of the people who have their own fields. There is a lot of talk in Facebook but there are only so many people who are really crazy. But Facebook is also a very large company in world. Why are so many popes in Facebook that so many people have also subdued their Business cry. All other features are provided by Facilities Facebook Company. The same thing happens on WhatsApp but it does matter a little bit. This is the difference. 

Hope it will improve it upcoming day on facebook. If you have using facebook you read it out and keep comment it below. Allmost highest number people per sec to login or join it facebook account. People were also be crazy on it there. Some people get good for used on facebook. Whatsapp also good feature for used facebook also many more feature we can find it there. But i didn’t compare who is good for used on it. Hope upcoming the teams doing or still work on it this side. Even small child also used a facebook to meet new friends of relative finding on it. It’s harm on their study also too. That’a news i were share to you friends please leave your comment it below. If want to read all on nepali please click this link

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