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Top 4 Finalist

Top 4 Finalist of The Voice of Nepal Season 2

Top 4 finalist of the voice of nepal season 2 name list is sanish shrestha, ram limbu, bikash limbu and aarif rauf. Even i seen this show into official  channel of the voice of nepal find it out yesterday video over it there. Even i really excited to seen those people those who are top 4 finalist contestant in the voice of nepal season 2. While i watch those eight contestant talent to performance on the stage. I really enjoy it allot it. I’m also worrier to seen this own tv but i’m unable to watch on tv shows program. Even i finding on youtube the voice of nepal to show live streams were run it there. But people of outside country they were unable to seen tv program. But they have look into youtube to see a video over it there.

But firstly they didn’t know who is the top 4 finalist on this season 2. At last they have known it well. Finally i seen on there too much excited to seen my favourite talent were  selected on final round. Hope you will be seen on final our place of kathmandu valley they have run on it there. But i excatly kathmandu excalty location on it. You must be go there. You must be check out on PrabhuPay application from your andriod or iphone device to buy as ticket on it there. But i’m not a kathmandu valley. Next saturday the teams of host were announce on shows. Hope you will be enjoy a show on there. I will to you buy ticket details how to buy a ticket of the voice of nepal. Make sure you will also be seen on youtube channel to live shows were you seen on it there.

I will thanks those fans of sanish shrestha to selected on top 4 finalist. Out of country side they have vote to sanish shrestha he will got a top 4 finalist contestant on the voice of nepal season 2. I really congratulations to those top 4 finalist contestant. They well perfrom on friday night. Even host were also shock while seen live 100k user seen live shows on youtube channel.

I will be update to you please stay tune on it. I will also vote my favourite contestant to win season 2. I will be try to him allot via i will share on social media side also. Even as well i will be update into here my website also too. If you haven’t know how to vote i will provide to you link it below here. How to vote in voice of nepal season 2 hope you look into this link for information on it.

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