Yesterday Busy at Married Ceremony

 Yesterday busy at married ceremony of sandeep sigdel brother which his father were invited us to join a ceremony on there. We accept his invited to come to join ceremony of married of his son’s ceremony. This is nepali culture which happen to make it people invited to join it there. Alot of people were meet it there if you haven’t going for uncle home you needs to be know them also too. Whole day we are busy on it there also too. Even i share collect of photo shoot which i capture from own mobile device to share to you here. I really like to join this moment of married of couple to seen it really life also too. If we have also get join it there  we have much more people seen it there. 

Yesterday moring we are ready for join it married place of araba which nearest from uncle home. Main road up place of home there. We went to to reach that place at 10 a.m at that time. Nobody cannot ready to for going it there. Allot of people were seen it there. Even i know some new people of my relative over it there. I’m really happy to see them there. Next year will be know it them. But one problem to explain who are them which relative person him or her to clearly for difficult to me. But some people of well know for me. 

One day i also  this married with new life to journey begin on it. When i looks other married person over it there. I feels like i want to married it and i want to be invite them my married ceremony my mind thinking it like that while seen other married couple to see. Even i confused the male person who got married name to clear to share those viewer for explain it there. Yesterday i really enjoy a party of married ceremony of sandeep sidgel brother. I really a alot and fun with different people to meet or gather to see it there. 

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