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Which one is best For Worldlink or Vianet Internet

Which one is best for worldlink or vianet Internet for used at own home or office. I will make you clear on it there. Under two Internet service provider were ISP network Internet provide for Nepali people who want to connect it there own home and office also too. In previous year worldlink Internet is the best for using  for Internet at home. Nowadays vianet also become a popular in their communicate for service all customer who had connect at your home or office for used. If you compare this two Internet nothing is better isn’t for good or isn’t for bad from myself. Both service were good and give some feedback from people who connect at home or office purposed to run their own business. I see both of them service mention on their own site side. There is no different i have been found it there. One or two more added on vianet and worldlink also added one or more feature update on their package way to see it there. 

Firstly i think for worldlink Internet to used at home. It very fast Internet service provider from Nepal side. Even they have cross much more customer even yet now also used it. Exactly i don’t know how many people were using this Internet this days. But worldlink have many more better facilities give us to customer. Those who have any problem they had connect on social media even as well as they can contact on live chat on worldlink website also too. Even i search the phone also via google search to connect this Internet for used at home also too. Finally i connected this Internet at home also. I like feature of who can seen YouTube on TV also. This best feature i like it. Even i upload some video on social media it will be fast to upload it there also too. 

Vianet is also one of another Internet service provide which this is a new connect held on Nepal. It started from Kathmandu valley to outside valley which they give us Internet service to customer. Even i also ask to phone call to teams they give cheap rate to connect it at home also too. But i haven’t sure to connect this Internet at home. Even i haven’t before 2 or 3 year ago. It just a behind to start to survey to good service to the customer. I see a package over this official website also same price as mention which i share on 2nd paragraph of worldlink package. Different company have different price rate to update package for buy to connect at home. I see many more feature update on package side. Firstly time connect was high to used it. At second time i will be cheap to paid it there. 

I do not share which Internet is good. All you need to know is that I do not care what Internet you add, but if people have to think about it, then we have the Internet which we have heard from long ago, it does not matter. . If the Internet is a good service day, it is only if you have a bargain, but when you look at the prices, the prices are different. But what happens is people’s hearts. These two omens on the Internet are the only names that seem different, but it is Competition that is what people in the market think. I will also share the link for you, please go and see.

Website link of website package : https://worldlink.com.np/ 

Website link of vianet packagehttps://www.vianet.com.np/

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