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Samsung Mobiles Price in Nepal 

Samsung mobile price in Nepal were latest update i will be share to you here. Which i will be mention a price rate of different phone device of samsung mobile in Nepal. Samsung is also smart phone used for based on android device to download or install any application from playstore.Samsung is the highest selling smart phone brand in Nepal with a market share of around 45%. They have a wide range of products from High-End Flagship phones to Budget phones that cost as low as Rs.10000. Samsung Mobiles Price in Nepal were listed to update.

This post will give you everything you need to know about Samsung Phones that are available in Nepal, with their specifications and MRP prices as well. Remember, all the prices here are MRPs. If you can bargain, you might get them for cheap rates — usually 4 to 5 % off. 

Here list of samsung mobile price in Nepal 

1.Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus: Rs. 135,000 (256GB)
 2.Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Rs. 116,000
3.Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: Rs. 105,900 (128 GB) | Rs. 135,900 (512 GB)
4.Samsung Galaxy S10: Rs. 84,900
5.Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Rs. 99,900
6.Samsung Galaxy S10E: Rs. 93,900

7.Samsung Galaxy S9+: Rs. 87,900 | Rs. 92,900
8. Samsung Galaxy A80: Rs. 79,990
9.Samsung Galaxy A70s: Rs. 48,890

10.Samsung Galaxy A70: Rs. 42,890
11.Samsung Galaxy A50s: Rs.38,990
12.Samsung Galaxy M40: Rs. 29,990
13.Samsung Galaxy M30s: Rs. 27,990 | Rs. 33,590
14.Samsung Galaxy A50: Rs. 29,490
15.Samsung Galaxy A30s: Rs. 31,890
16.Samsung Galaxy A30: Rs. 24,890
17.Samsung Galaxy A20s: Rs. 20,690 | Rs. 23,990
18.Samsung Galaxy A20: Rs 19,490
19.Samsung Galaxy M20: Rs. 17,19
20.Samsung Galaxy A10s: Rs. 16,790
21.Samsung Galaxy A10: Rs. 13,490
22.Samsung Galaxy M10: Rs. 13,290
23.Samsung Galaxy J2 4G: Rs. 10,690
24.Samsung Galaxy A2 Core: Rs. 9,390

Here some of list of price in Nepal which are available to buy this samsung phone device. Even i see the price rate of latest news on google search. This company will very much highly selling in Nepal. I make sure it will be easily know the price rate to those viewer those can seen a price of samsung phone to buy it. I have share to you here latest update announce from official page which you can seen on it there. Price will be update daily which i cannot exactly find a price rate in Nepal. Maximum people were used this phone in Nepal. If you compared with other mobile phone it too much different you can find it there. Even you can search at google side you can many more post it available it there. also too.




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