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Refresh and visiting a new place 

Refresh and visiting a new place today with my father. Even I’m happy to see over a beautiful hills and village side. I have enjoy it alto that place even i feels too much cold over it there also too. Previous post i had share to you mentioned a place name to you. You can seen on pool contraction on there. People were Romain there to work on there. Side of photo you can seen  a Maddi khola river side which its very small at winter season. I really like a such type of place where i can visit there. Even i want to search a new things over it that place. Even i go for own scotor with my father. Sometimes i refresh also too see a new place visiting it there. It is nice to see the beautiful of The and to see the new form of Tech, and to learn and understand a few new things about what the people of  are like, then I have seen what the people were like. Do you That is also true, but people were shocked but it was okay when people saw it. They have been healed so much and I have lost my way. How do you feel about going to such a place? You may also want to share this and also give you a description of it. I also share what I have. I tried it out and it was a bit fresher.

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