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Phone Camera Not WorkingPhone Camera Not Working

Phone Camera Not Working In some cases, the phone’s camera does not work. This problem happens especially in older phones. When opening the camera app, it appears black, the app doesn’t open, and the app doesn’t focus even when it’s open.

There are various reasons why the camera does not work. like; When the phone has a corrupt system file, when a temporary bug is found, when the phone is physically damaged, the camera may not work. If you are having the same problem on your Android phone then you can follow the following steps:​

Restart the device

Some bugs in Android are fixed by restarting the phone. This is a simple temporary way to solve the problem.

Free up storage

Even when the phone’s memory is full, the camera does not work. Because no more photos are saved in the storage. So you should keep enough storage in the phone.

Updating software

If a software update is available on the device, do it. Because various bugs have been solved in the new software update. To know the software update of your phone, you have to go to the settings of the phone.

Force close the camera app

Force closing an app means temporarily stopping the app from running without removing it permanently. If the camera app is not running, you can also force close the app. For this, you can long press on the app icon and click on the information icon (like ‘i’).

Now you can see the Force Stop option. Or you can delete the cache memory of the app. After clicking on the information icon, you can see the option for this too.

Turn off other third-party cameras

If you have any third-party camera apps installed on your phone other than the main one, remove them. Because the camera may not be working due to the bug in that app.

Let the phone cool down

Sometimes the phone is overheated and some features may be disabled temporarily. This prevents further damage to the phone. If your phone is overheating, and the camera app is not running, leave the phone alone for a while. So that the phone returns to normal.

Apart from these, there are other ways to make a non-working camera app work. But as much as possible you need to know why the camera app is not running. If there is a problem with the software, you can follow the above measures. If the phone is physically damaged, show it to a technician.

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