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How Was Your Year 2080 My journey in the year 2080 was very enjoyable, and while traveling, some things went wrong and some bad things were thought of. In 2080, I did something new and started anew. About a month ago, I bought my camera for blocking. Anyway, I am constantly working, and I have to go there because I have to constantly work.
However, the people who watch it are saying that it has been updated a little bit since before, and people have been monitoring it. And this year, I achieved one more success, and my dream also came true. Whenever my birthday came, the day after my birthday, I got the iPhone, and after getting the iPhone, I started doing daily blogging on my blog or my channel, and I did different things with the iPhone.
From iPhone I have been uploading videos from my iPhone for the last 8 months, and later in the update, I updated from another camera. And at the same time, I did all the work on the iPhone itself. From there, I kept doing things and constantly updating blogs. And friends watched, friends followed up, and people enjoyed things.
But like many things, there are things that are on my mind, and things that are on my mind I share on my YouTube channel. When I feel hurt, I don’t tell you, and if something happens, sir, I tell you.
I went to Mustang twice or three times in 2080. And I also went by my own means. And I went to the bus first. And later, he took his means because the road was good. And what success I have achieved this year is taking an iPhone and a group camera; this is my progress. The iPhone was bought by my father, and the GoPro was bought by me.
Since my 2080 years have passed like this, if I talk about the things that happened in 2080, it will be very long, and people don’t even think it’s fair to talk about long things. However, these two or three things are how I spent my happy moments in 2080. Anyway, I felt pretty good. 

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