Goodbye 2080 Year in Nepal - Laxman Baral Blog

Goodbye 2080 Year in Nepal Since today, 2080 years have passed. And today there are only 24 hours left, and if there is any initiative, I will tell you, and I will also tell you what happened. The year 2080 has been good for me so far, and I feel like things are getting worse. What will happen in the coming days? Now I will tell you slowly, and I urge you to say it slowly.
Because people have done things that are so hard to even think about and understand, there are so many reasons that even if I explain and remind you, you still think it doesn’t happen. Anyway, my trip to 2080 was pretty good, and my trip and the llama went to Mustang. And because I went again twice, I still enjoyed it, and I still had courage and determination.
For example, once or three times, I have to go with my own means; it is also a matter of participation. Anyway, I just detailed it for you because I thought it was cool and I thought it was too cool to show you. Now it seems that there is no hope to say what has been said and what has happened, and from today on, the year 2080 is going, and now the coming new year is starting, and what to do and what to do in the new year has to be done at the beginning.
I have stumbled upon many things this year, and although I don’t want to tell you specifically, I urge you to tell them slowly if they come. Because things happen to people and even when people do different things, people have a lot of impact on their minds and mental tension, and because of mental tension, people tend to stay away from those things.
Anyway, it’s been pretty good for me for the year 2080, and still, one sad thing is that my YouTube payment didn’t come this year, and I’m also very sad because it’s going to happen next year. Because for a long time I was struggling and getting a little less views on YouTube and less audience watching me, so I was really sad.
I have left the old categories and am doing my daily blogging and showing people that I have gone ahead with that. I have been and am showing you this in detail as things progress. Anyway, I wish for my channel to grow fast and get better soon, and I want people to watch and like it in the coming days.
Anyway, it has been 2080 years since today; we have to start the next new year and take the new year. As we welcome the new year, we have to move forward, and I will tell you in detail what will happen this year and how. 

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