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iPhone 12 Will Also Support Wireless Fast ChargingiPhone 12 Will Also Support Wireless Fast Charging

iPhone 12 Will Also Support Wireless Fast Charging Now iPhone 12 users will get 15W fast wireless charging support. With the recent iOS 17.4 update, iPhone 12 will be supported.

According to McWord, Apple has given Qi support on iPhone 12 through an iOS update. Along with this, the iPhone 12 will be charged wirelessly for up to 15 watts when connected to a non-safe QI charger.

Apple introduced MagSafe wireless charging with the iPhone 12 series. But before this update, the charging speed was less than 7.5 watts.

In a recent test conducted by McWord, when the phone is connected to a non-MagSafe Qi charger, a 15-watt charging animation is also seen on the screen.

The iPhone 15 is the first iPhone series to officially support Qi 2. But in a short time, updating iOS 17.2, Apple made this feature available in iPhone 13 and 14 series as well.

However, the 15W wireless charging speed can only work on standard iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models. iPhone 12 mini (iPhone 13 mini) can only support up to 12-watt wireless charging.

Qi Two, which is the next generation of Widespread Qi, has greatly improved battery charging. Apple has also played a very important role in its development.

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