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Kedarnath Temple Trip of Uttarakhand IndiaKedarnath Temple Trip of Uttarakhand India

Kedarnath Temple Trip of Uttarakhand India which I have been moving to for a long time goes to plan this place there. Even on September 24, 2022, we moved from Sitapur on our bus there. One day we will be spending under this place nearest the Temple there.

I never unexpected under this place goes on there. Even on September 25, 2022, moved to our owned a pce there. During monsoon time, we have been moving there. While we had been walking from the bus we had to take a jeep for 5km to goes there. After that, I will be moving to walk with my foot there.
In the middle, there is a small tea shop over there. I have to take some tea and fresh with the new environment over there. In some parts, it will be close to the rainfall and it will be continued slow rainfall happens to see.

After half an hour, we had been taking tea over there. Half part of the time was at a tea shop to take some items there. After we have arrived across the river it will be making a huge amount of rainfall will happen there.

My clothes were full of water inside there. I feel take a cold myself there. After 8 hours we arrived at this place there. We have found friends over where they had been seeing there.

Most Nepali people were found to see there. Some Nepali will be made it y to talk their languages to speak there. One of the Nepali people will be found there. Someone, the horses will be run horse to go to the temple area side there. But it will be made much more difficult to see there. Due to rainfall will happen to see there. During there is the benefit with us there. While during the sunrise time we had been unable to move to the upper level by foot walk there.

Even my mother and father and I also were moving same track to follow up there. In the middle of the time, we have been resting our legs also rest. Sometimes we had taken water for dinner there. While moving the upper walk to the side of the hill it will be happening to see pressure high to control the maintenance over there.

The middle path of a line of the way of the road was much more difficult within the sample there is the horse will coming unable to stay over to stop on the road some road that was a little smaller will see there. Thousands of people will be walking on a hse only. Most people walk forefoot also.

I am also wearing the badge on the backward part side there. While we have been entering the nearest temple will happen to see the air less happen to feel there. Unable much more to stay there. But slowly we have been moving to the temple side.

We had to be confused about doing about which part the hotel will be booking that person to stay over there. Even the rainfall will continue in slow motion over there. During the morning, it will also make rainfall open there. At night we have been warm with difficult clothes worn into the hotel room. We had been taking dinner at that hotel there. One night we had been stay into there.

In the morning we have a blessing from god from there. A lot of people will use a mobile device to take a photo shot to share on their own social media side there. My wishes and dreams will be make fulfilled over there. Even though I captured the video also but was not ready to upload the video to the YouTube channel there.

Such type of journeys I visited this temple in September month 2022. With my father and mother and also group teams we had to move this temple to India place. This is the best moment I ever visited there. Due to rainfall, I cannot capture video clips and images over with my father and mother’s side. Next time when I move on to this place I will be sure to capture this moment over there.

I hope you will be reading this article to mention your friends which I have done this moment with India. I hope you will be sharing this article with your friends over there. Kedarnath is one of the journeys in life and I never er unexpected moment I will be faced out there.

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