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My Saturday blog Story Part 60My Saturday blog Story Part 60

My Saturday blog Story Part 60 I wake up early at 7 am then I wash my hair into the bathroom to wash over there. Even I have taken in some hot water for drink into there. After then I will take some cup of tea over into there with the biscuit to put into the mouth there. Then we have been planning for going work outside from the home side there. Then we have been moving into the Lakeside further working into there. Since the morning time we have been spending into that place go there. 

Then we have come back into our own home there. Then we will be talking about another working into there. Since we have come back own home to take launch break into there. Then we have moved into the back into the place of Jaimure place to take over their motor into the mill house there. Since that person will be staying into own home there. 

Then we have spent to ready to mill to feeding into out there. Even we have been moving into the Gharepatan place which looking into there to check the mill house over there. Then we will be moving into that place go there. Since that owner person will be bored to see there. Even that person will be talking into much more many times to call with the father’s phone number there. 

After finishing the working that place we have been moving come back moring time workplace to take some oil into there. Even we have talked with the mill rate while we have worked out into moring time there. Then we have been taking a few minutes over there. Since we have been staying own home. Since the rainfall will be a reaction to the outside place to see there. Even they had been doing to feels bored out there. Since the people will be stay own home there.

After the evening time, we have been taking some video clicks to take into there. Since the mother will be doing working with the buffalo house to take milk over there. Since the mother and father were watching the tv in their own home there. Then were looking into their check-out tv serial problem in my room there.

My Saturday blog Story Part 60 then this part will be ended here now. At time night I will be looking the tv serial program full entertainment act will be showing into there. Then we have been taking into there further doing into there. 

As a writer, I spend a lot of time writing so every week I am going to be sharing the outline for a book that I am writing as a fun project. I am going to be sharing all the drafts, word counts, and other info along the way. This is part 60 of an ongoing story. The reason I am doing this is that it will help keep me focused on the story and help keep me motivated.

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