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Rice Mill Problem Working in Bhalam Pokhara

Rice Mill Problem Working in Bhalam Pokhara morning time we arrived to move on this place form own home there. Since I wake up early into the morning time there. Then I take some hot water and going to a long toilet there. Then I take some biscuits to eat with the help of tea over there. Then we are moving into forwarded into this place to move on there. After we have arrived this place there is nobody held into the Mill House over there. Owner songs will be coming into the Mill House we have moving to check the current line of Three Phase over there. 

Event the father will be trying to change to a line from main switch box there. After then we had a problem over the Huskar Mill over there. We have put the  Lock screen into there. We have made them a lot of time over spending into this morning time there. While ride with the help of a scooter it will be very much difficult to ride with the offroad side due to some of the parts will be coming to the water flowing there. 

Since owner sons will be watching into there. The rest of the two-person will bring Rice over with the Mill house to cutting there. He will say to them you can stay for some time we will make it into this place to move on there. Since the people will be waiting from more than yesterday date to see wait for this one. Even I have been shot some video clips while arriving this place. First video clips over that place to move on there to see there. 

Rice Mill Problem Working in Bhalam Pokhara we will be fixing this problem within an hour over there. But the road was too much difficult while going time there. Some fo part will destroy the land of roadside to see they’re to know there. There is making to rainfall over outside while arriving this place to see finding out the Foggy weather will happen to see there. 


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