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Kristi village Vlogs Today 2021

Kristi village Vlogs Today 2021 at the moring time we have wake up at 4 am at Nepali time in Nepali time over. Even in the morning time we have facing out some problem behind over there. Even there is not checking into the police checking over in moring time over there. Within 40 minutes we arrived at this place to see over there. Since a few weeks ago we have to make the problem to solve this place over there. Even he isn’t satisfied will doing this one while preparing the Rice Mill over there. 

After we arrived at that place father will be calling the Subhash to come into Millhouse over. His own brother will be coming over there he will be open his Millhouse over there. Even the will be open the windows also too. He will be open the light over there. Even we have opened the Huskar Mill to repair over there. We have to change the Sapat over into the mill over there. 

We have open the Huskar body to open form there. Father will be also be doing this working over there. He will be open the Sapat to first over there. Even I have open all the part over from there. He will also do their work over there. Minimum 2 hours ill be finish out this Huskar mill problem slove there. Even we have brig the material over that part to fix it there. 

Even I have uploaded some of the video clips will make them but their video isn’t supported some part to over which I took over there. I have uploaded some of the clips that will be share into my own channel to share this one over. During this time we have visited this place working together over this place of Kristi Village. Even the village people will be horrified to solve this mill over there. Finally, we complete to vlogs on Kristi village Vlogs Today 2021 into moring time over there.


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