Tridev Dalmot Company at Pokhara

Tridev Dalmot Company at Pokhara

Tridev Dalmot Company at Pokhara at Yamdi 25, is located as the Hemja side from my home. It will be reached with 20minutes from my home side to move to that place to visiting there. There is a problem happen on the machinery part which I will be visiting there. There some video will be uploaded this that place which I got alot of time will make a shot with the company factory over there. There is a small business to running it out of this organization over there. For a long time, it will be holding on there. 

I ask some questions under the video shot they have working with them. During this lockdown, it will be running it out there. After The, people were doing their jobs. And I also thought about This. But I have seen this company before but I do not know that there are so many great things happening in this company. Today, after I did The Visit, I was settled. And I have also produced a small video of that company on my channel YouTube. The was a small job. The boat did not work in that job but brought a new one to the place for his company.

There is a slight fluctuation in the company but the work fears have done their job. I also enjoy it, but even in the hot sun during the day, it is difficult for people to do their work. It is not easy to work everywhere. But there is no Corona in that place either, but after being Corona, it is very difficult for the people of There.

You must know that I have visited that place. If you like Dalmot, you will know that it is fresh for you. If you like to eat almost, go to that place. I have made a decision today. 

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