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Half Baran will be complete into New House

Half Baran will be complete into New House

Half Baran will be complete into New House which a few days ago the shorting people were doing this work under to make this. This is the first step which going to move forward of the floor to enter it there. Shorting people were staying on there. They have brought new item were inside it there. Some of the people were going their own bike to move their own family member.

Next half step will be finesh on the floor complete to stay on there. Some of part still under working on there. Coming soon it will make full finesh a complete of while you saw this video soon. It will make sure I will ba make a managed a video for you here. Just know how we can see this step while making a new house.

I don’t know the name of shorting person name. Only I know a cast name only that is Rai Cast. Since the long year, he was working under this field side to move on their life journey. Since he was from Kotang Rai Cast people who still live any place to making this shorting their new house. He is also a good person while doing working style.

Some of the people were working time make speak it more and more it cannot make work to target their own way. He can invest money while making their new material entering this house. It will be held on the upper floor also this will be added in there. It will take more than 11 days to remove such stand of wood inside the image.

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