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Clean Day Out on Pokhara

Clean Day Out on Pokhara

Clean Day Out on Pokhara morning time I wake up early at 7am at Nepali time. When I look outside there clean and perfect weather will change it out to see it over it there. Sun was already raised on it. While I move the up-flow which I shot some amount of photo over or video shot with there. Sometimes its happen to seen this like this one while you saw on the image.

I feel the pain of backbone which since yesterday I lying on the bedroom for the rest there own room. Moring time my father was calling a phone with me then I share my problem he maybe like an angry mood. Always angry mood person who always feels other problem. Sorry, I cannot come on Arba place today due to backbone pain into my body part.

This thing I should be sharing this information voice call with father. Sometimes we need rest for while day to past it. I shot some video which I have been updated into my channel. You might check it out there. During hot summer season its been reaction this action on moring time.

While I goes up-flow side my eye cannot see an image of with under the stand on sun there. Because while my eye was sleep mood feels it there.

It was hard to sit in the sun. And I’ve been searching YouTube Audio Library since morning and I’ve been searching YouTube here. And in the meantime, the phone rang again. And I walked that guy over the phone again. And the bird was very grumpy. And in the middle, there was also lightning. And then came Light too. And the work I did was stopped and I started again.

This was the day of Pokhara this morning and what was your morning time like? And I’ve also added small blogs and stories. And that’s why we have to finish what we’re talking about. And to see what others have is a good opinion. But it has rained a lot this year. The same thing happens on the other side of the pond. And heavy rainfalls. This is what happens. And tell me in your photo how it is in Image, take all your friends.

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