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Second Time Received Cargo At Home

Second Time Received Cargo At Home

Second Time Received Cargo At Home which the main office is located in Kathmandu, Nepal. Since a week ago my sister went to sent a Cargo with their product of clothes and sweet over it. Due to the high amount of weight happen to see it. But she sent it with Cargo to Nepal.

This is the second time that I received myself to doing it. I just going to a previous place which I going it that location on it. But I see to stand into my scooter then I fit it there with rubber backside shit of my scooter. I went to go to slow on it there. Since the office was called at 10am in the morning time.

I went to receive a money from the Bank. After I go forwards on highway road office call me there. I will become it there. I received it immediately told to her at phone call. After finish work on bank, I went to go to that place to receive it.

When I arrived at that place of the office she needs to give a citizenship photocopy with a signature and also phone to write on the billing side. Below mention photo was a bill which office will be given this bill for the receiver person. This office only for gulf country as well it. But I haven’t anymore for details on that office for this.

Finally, slow drive my scooter and make it more break on a scooter. People will be looks towards as well it. When I hole part of the road it’s very difficult to down and makes it fast. While I make a fast speed of scooter it cannot be control itself on it. Slow speed I bring this cargo into my home today.

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