Today i visiting new place of Lekhnath-26

Today i visiting new place of Lekhnath-26

Today I visiting  a new place of Lekhnath-26 which near the place of budibazar of lekhnath place which new connection of machinery part to fit it there. Since a few days ago she has been called towards my father to see a machinery condition on it.

I see around that place which I travel in the morning time. It seems very much beautiful looks of a house over to see in the hillside which seems a mountain also too. I really enjoy that place yo visiting in the morning time today.

Some few minutes we take a reach there. After finishing a speak with a person over on her house to talk about machinery to fit it there under this house she told to my father.

My father tells to her everything which material needs to fix into this machinery part to make connect three-phase electricity into a new business to run it.

She speaks truth words to speak with my father tell them there. Even her daughter also in a home there to listen talk with them infornt it. Even as me also there while both of them talk to speak there.

I like such a place to land over with the beauty of tyore increase to see a flower of the color of yellow to see around on surrounded of land over that place to see it. On this season tyore will be cultivated on land.

I see a beautiful house to see on with different forest to see it. People can easily breathe with the forest over to see. One thing I see a tower of Sim to look at it. Large number of land were i see it there. I hope I will be visiting its next blog will be share new story to update it.


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