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Today Day Make It cloudy cold

Today Day Make It cloudy cold

Today Day Make It cloudy cold the day is gone too cold in the morning was gone out is quite cold The sun is not shining. Yesterday’s sun was raise to show it. Do not want to go anywhere such a day because I like to sleep immediately and like to post on this blog.

Today, it is very cold and cold in Pokhara. It is not pleasant to go out even after showing the day. It will be a lot colder now than when it is hot and freezing. As it is in the photo. If it is sunny today, I do not expect. Now eat hot food and sleep on your own bed. And there you will pass.

If I do not want to be out today. If I have to go again, I will be stressed. It is quite cold when driving a scotor in such cold air. Wear warm clothing. But the air is quite yes. What a heap of harem now day by day.

This is what it looks like. It was such a day that the cold didn’t want to do anything. Using cold iron will also be cold on the hand. Don’t want to go anywhere. You might have been like that today in the place of others. It’s like that in my place. Do you know what your place is like?

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