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How to change a Polisher jali

How to change a Polisher jali

How to change a Polisher jali which you find on machinery part of rice mill place of valley side. Simple will be explain to you here clear way to explain it here. Sometimes i will make of lot of rice have make it jam on machinery of polisher machinery.

Step by Step How to change a Polisher jali 

  1. Just open with help of tools
  2. Just open the infront of natabholtu
  3. Open three natabholtu with help of tools
  4. After you open this three natabholtu
  5. Just open the ring big heavy item
  6. Then you can find a circle of jali put inside on it.
  7. Open it that with help of tools and hand also be forced to open it.
  8. Then you loose a nat with small nat will be seen it with held tools
  9. Then you pull back it with secudriver and one hand to make hit it there
  10. Jali will be open it.
  11. Then you can replace with next change on it.

Hope is the simple step which i share to you here which you have clearly understood on this step on it. Some of words were difficult to clear understood to you here. Even i search on google help but i haven’t that meaning words to share here. Below a image you can seen a tools and simple to change to jali on it.

This is very simple way of change it. Normal people also be change it. Hope it will be helpful to all viewer people also too.

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