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Kamal And Radhika Rice Mill

Kamal And Radhika Rice Mill

Kamal And Radhika Rice Mill is located pokhara 26, himchuli chowk to finding this rice mill. Since there only started for 1year run this business to satisfy all customer on it. Since long time i have been share this rice mill on that located to share to viewer friends on it.

There is some problem happen to goes that place which me and my father were working on it well for it there. During at 2pm we had reach that location to make a machinery problem on it. It take a time to fixed a machinery to solve it.

It is only to cut down the wealth, the orphans of the excavators in the empty mill. And you know the whole service is great. If you look at the photo I gave you, then you can go and look at the empty mill, if you have a layer, you can try it.

This is towards Lekhnath. You are about to go in the inner direction of the Budibazar. The new airport is called from There. The place is a lot of fun, but also quite bored. But the heat is quite hot in the place of there. That’s Ricky Mill Alley’s gone. People also go to get their rice.

In the beginning, Take was not the best level and All knows everything. That’s how the machinery’s have gone. The punishment is taking a small job we have in that place. I also posted on my blog that I was a guest.

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