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How to sent email from Gmail Account

How to sent email from Gmail Account

How to sent email from Gmail Account you can create an Account from your email ID And Password for Login. Gmail is the feature to run any business purposed as well on it. Nowadays we needs Gmail Account for using any product to buy into online store and many more things.

Step by Step How to sent email from Gmail Account

  1. Go to this link
  2. You can sigin your account.
  3. After you click on sigin then you can type your Email ID And Password.
  4. After you type that then you can click on login button.
  5. After your page will be open it.
  6. You can seen on left hand side to see a compose option to click it.
  7. After you click it that you can see a box into on right hand side from your desktop bar.
  8. Then you can your friends Email ID , Subject and Message to write on third column.
  9. After you finesh it that you must sent option for sending Email to your Friends
  10. Your friends will be seen on inbox message to check it.

This is step to follow up to sent email to your friends, family and office purpose to send it. From gmail you can also sent your document, photo and many more feature to sent with them. Its take only 5minutes to sent an email.

Gmail is most important things to for used. Don’t share a password to your friends also too. From Gmail you can install apps into your android  phone also too. That why needs very much useful and important for us.

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