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Armaan Malik come in Nepal

Armaan Malik come in Nepal

Armaan Malik come in Nepal in this February 1, 2020 on saturday live concert with Nepali People to be performance on Kathmandu thamel. He is the first live concert into the Nepal. He were too much excited to come in Nepal.

Allot of Fans were also going it their. You can also be purchase a ticket from our partner Merchants eSewa. It will be live concert at evening it might be. I’m also no sure under this case. But i know only he were come in Nepal.

Allot of Fans will be seen on the stage to see love and suport to him. I really thanks you whole those who have invited indian singer to come in live shows in the stage. He were too much excited to see Nepalese fans people to love him.

But i’m from city of pokhara i’m unable to see his live concert in a real one. I will be watch it out through youtube video to see it. This message will be share all people who haven’t listen it.

He had already preparate mind to visit a Nepal. As he has international live shows also be travel it that. He very much collect fans based into his social media side. His love were too much soft and touchable voice to be listen it well.

Some of singing of his songs were much heartbeat into myselft while listen it. This is his first memory journeu ahead to see in a live shows on febuary 1. His will welcome to our Nepal and welcome to visit it. First ever i haven’t listen it as arman malik were come in Nepal to his concert in a live.

All people of Nepali will be visit it their and meet with him a real lives shows on there. If you have going it there
Please share us with photo under below also too.

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