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Moring Weather Update on Pokhara

Moring Weather Update on Pokhara

Moring Weather Update on Pokhara which seen look like foggy day happen to see it. While i go outside from own ground side near from river it happen to see it their. Try to rainfall happen shows on today moring on Pokhara place.

This photo taken by myself with mobile device. I feels too much cold feels it. Day make it more challenge to face it nowadays what happen goes on weather.

Here’s a photo of this morning. How do you feel in the morning about the place? How do you feel when it happens in the morning? I don’t mind going anywhere because of the cold. If I get cold again, I don’t mind. Nowadays I wonder in my mind why this has happened.

I’ve been posting this post since morning saying that winter could not be made by friends. And there was no water on the river, so many people could swim. In the morning it was the first time I saw it in the river. And why this year it may have been so bad.

If you do this, it may be the winter of the year This will be part of my very Forever Moment in my web site. Because of winter, there are times when people are unwilling and unable to work.

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