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Weather changes with fog and snow in the Terai

Weather changes with snow and fog in the Terai

Weather changes with snow and fog in the Terai which today weather happen to challenge it us. The weather has changed across the country since Sunday morning. In the Terai region, there is a dense fog and fog.

In the Kathmandu valley, there is no sunshine due to cloudy skies. Due to the lack of sun, the weather is cold all over the country. According to meteorologist of the Meteorological Division, Sajina Shakya, the Terai area is getting foggy and hilly areas have changed.

Even as Pokhara valley side to increase number of fog were happen on since moring time. Due to less sun effect happen into the sky. There is no day were clear at here also too. Day by day it increase number of cold happen it. On Day time it will be little little seen sun raise over on sky.

After past of afternoon time it happen to cold myself over. Cannot sit it outside also too because to much high wind happen on it.

Nowadays, it has become so cold in Nepal that all the places in Before have been doing so today. I like to sleep at home. The sun’s face is not worn to look good. This has been happening in Pokhara since this morning.

Due to such weather, the work has to be stopped. No one seems to mind anywhere at work. What the weather might have given us again today. Now it will be cold again, just like it is hot.

It feels like sunshine or stay in the sun but it is fun to sit still for a while. Cloudy with a bad day. Outside, people don’t feel like getting cold again.

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