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Former Mayor of Dharan Rai passes away

Former Mayor of Dharan Rai passes away

Former Mayor of Dharan Rai passes away with at 60 year old. Now he isn’t anymore to live into this earth. He were already away this earth. Even he were from dharan. He were select on election of Nepal from  dharan political party to run people feels to araise a voice on it.

Former mayor of Dharan sub-metropolis and central member of Samajwadi Party Dhyan Bahadur Rai has passed away. Rai passed away on Monday after treatment. There is no update about him information to share to you. His dreams will be ended by today. His soul is peace in heaven.

We heard condolence for you from my side. At that time, people are hurting everyone at home. People have decided to do their own thing in Nepal. There was a lot of work to be done here. The dream of here is gone from today. I am grieving all the people by showing the work here. Here he started his own party. The party won the select.

Here if you spend a short time here the families here are suffering. Here you have won at at Election, starting with your own society. The good guys are supposed to leave this dirty. People must be born new and die in one day.

Hope  people will be expire towards his work to improve to run a dharan city make more popular city make it. His party were fall on flag will also down at this time. He is good political leader of our country Nepal also too. We can learn from him.

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