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Today I travel on Bagmara pokhara

Today I travel on Bagmara pokhara

Today I travel on Bagmara pokhara which i goes on afternoon some work happen to see it. After a long time i went to going it their. It’s been a long time. The little thing was Machinery’s problem and it was Mai and Baba there all day.

The people of  were burning in the sun. I made a small blog post that was kind of hot. The man had spoken for many days. The boy who worked there was old.

The same guy is still expected to work. I did the work and I did the caveat. In view of Machinery’s problem, Bella is of the view. It is quite cold during the cold. I also think about how people are doing, so I wanted to stay in the sun, but it was not because of work.

In the morning it was time to go to bed with my father at work but it was too cold to drive in the cold winter. But to go easy we must also house my uncle’s house in this place in That’s place. Bagmara is great but it is quite hot in summer. I do not think so.

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